Please take a moment to fill out our collaboration application to help us get to know you, your company, or blog. You'll be able to provide us with details that will allow us to determine if we'd be the perfect fit and the fun ways we may work together.

We can collaborate in different ways!

Host a giveaway
Do a review
Host a giveaway AND review with an exclusive discount code
Product placement in a photo shoot
Become a Tealbee Influencer


Tealbee for you!

We would love to gift you with a $40 gift card to shop for your selection of sleepwear in exchange for your review/hosting a giveaway/or placement in a photoshoot. The gift card will be emailed to you once you're selected as a collaborator. Thanks!


Brand Exlusivity

We're excited that you'd like to work with us! We require exclusivity from ALL participants that we contribute our product to for giveaways, reviews, product placement in a photoshoot, or brand influencer opportunity. This means that you agree to only post about (across all of your social media accounts; including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your site and/or blog) sleepwear that is Tealbee. This also means that you will not post about, link, or tag any other sleepwear company for the next 6 months. Our exclusivity also requires that you haven’t posted about any other sleepwear company besides Tealbee in the past 6 months. This includes posting about other giveaways that involve any other sleepwear company besides Tealbee, even if you were not a participant. Do you commit to being exclusive to Tealbee as explained here?

Yes, I Agree