What Your Active and Walking Baby Needs for Restful Sleep

Are you worried that your baby might trip on their sleeping bag as they start to stand and walk in the crib? Is your toddler a kicker that can't keep blanket on them throughout the night? 

Tealbee Baby Dreamsuit is perfect for growing babies who need to transition out of sleeping bags but still need wearable blankets to keep them safe and warm throughout the night. Keep your baby safe and warm with our lightly padded and quilted bamboo/cotton toddler sleepsuit!


So what makes Tealbee Baby Sleepsuits so special? 

 SOFTEST - Softer than Cashmere, our sleepsuit is made out of bamboo and cotton mix fabric which is incredibly soft, luxurious and warm, perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. 

 SAFE - Because bamboo fabric is both breathable and moisture-wicking, it is naturally thermo-regulating, keeping baby warm in winter and cool in the summer. 

 WARM - Lightly padded (TOG 1.0), double layered, and quilted for consistent warmth and comfort. Perfect for cold winter weather to keep your baby warm throughout the night.

✔ ROOMY & DIAPER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - The sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating. The roomy design allows room for baby to move and kick. 

 DIMENSIONS - Comes in two different sizes to meet the needs of growing babies 12m-2T, 2T-3T.

 FUN DESIGN - Our sleepsuits come in fun and playful design that will make your baby look ever more cute and stylish in their sleep. You won't be able to resist taking a picture of your sleeping baby in our sleepsuit and share with your friends and family. 


sleepsuit FeetLandingPage mom and sleepsuit

Enjoy a little peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe and warm wearing our sleepsuit. Lightly padded (TOG 1.0), double layered, and quilted for consistent warmth, our sleepsuit will provide peace of mind for you!

Safer sleep by integrating our sleepsuit into your trusted bedtime routine, it provides the secure feeling your baby needs to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night. This wearable blanket fits comfortably over your child's sleepwear. Generous sleepsuit design provides ample room for movement.

We use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified fabric and accessories to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals at each production stage from raw material to finished textile. We then have it tested by a third party for CPSIA compliance just to be absolutely sure that our product is safe to use for your family.



Fantastically soft sleep sack

Cinzia N.

We absolutely love this sleep sack - ridulously soft, and warm enough that it will keep baby comfy on cooler nights, but not so heavy the baby would overheat on warmer nights.

Love this sleep bag! Wish I found it sooner!

Valerie C.

Just discovered this sleep bag for our 9 month old daughter. Perfect for cooler nights because it is thicker but still light and airy. Soft bamboo material is so luxurious. Medium fits her with room to spare unlike the other sleepbags that we have used where her feet are already touching the bottom of the bag. Wish we had these for our older two kids. Will definitely be stocking up and also giving as baby shower presents! Highly recommend!

Excellent quality and design! Best sleepsack ever!

Rosa J.

We love this sleepsack! It’s ultra soft, cuddly, comfy and safe! My baby did not like any other sleepsacks until now. He sleeps much better and longer in it and now it’s part of his bedtime routine. He wears cotton pjs and cozy socks under and loves putting it on! You have to feel how soft it is! Now I want to try other products by Tealbee Baby! Thank you for making our bed time so peaceful! 



Nite Love Baby Sleeping Bag

Rose Quartz

Nite Love Baby Sleeping Bag

Heather Grey

 Love Milk Dream Suit For Toddlers/Walkers


 Love Milk Dream Suit For Toddlers/Walkers