Tealbee Dreambags - sleep sacks for babies 6 months to 24 months, available in 3 TOGs

Dreambags | For 6m - 24m

Dreambag is for... growing with the baby

Do parents need yet another traditional sleep bag? For a long time, our answer was a "no" until a new baby entered our lives. Gosh, they grow so fast! It's hard to invest in a quality sleep sack, just to have them outgrow it in three months.

That's why we designed the Dreambag collection, a traditional sleep sack that can grow with the baby. Made with Tealbee's signature bamboo rayon and cotton blend for unmatched buttery softness, breathability and gentleness on sensitive skin. Dreambag cocoons 6 - 24 month olds in luxurious sleep.

It's the only traditional bag you will ever need. Available in 3 TOGs.

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