Dream in Tealbee

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Baby & Toddler Sleep Sacks 6m to 4T
New Arrival
Dreamsuit Undyed
Just yarn and extra gentleness. Fabric for the most delicate skin.
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New Arrival
Dreamsuit Dash
A Dash of perfect warmth for spring and summer in 0.8 TOG.
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The OG Tealbee toddler sleep sack with legs. Experience perfect warmth.
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Toddler sleep sack with long sleeves and footies for extra warmth.
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Grow-with-you sleep sack. Adjustable fit for babies 6 to 24 months.
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Warm Temps
TOG 0.8 Collection for Warm Climate. Suitable for 67 - 75 degrees.
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All Seasons
TOG 1.2 Collection for Versatile Layering. Suitable for 65 - 72 degrees.
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Cool Temps
TOG 1.5 Collection for cooler temps. Suitable for 62 - 68 degrees.
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