0.8 TOG for Warm Weather

Our 0.8 TOG is perfect for warm nurseries, spring/summer or if you live in a warm climate. Lightweight breathable fabric wicks moisture and never overheats. Ideal for sleep environments between 67-75 degrees. Shop our 0.8 TOG Collection here.

1.2 TOG for All Year Comfort

TOG 1.2 rating is for four season comfort for your baby and toddler's sleep. Ideal for nursery and home temperature between 64 - 72 degrees, your baby will sleep warm and cozy in our best selling sleep sacks. Shop our 1.2 TOG Collection here.

1.5 TOG for Cooler Homes

Our 1.5 TOG is perfect for cooler nurseries, fall/winter or if your child has a hard time getting warm. Ideal for sleep environments between 61 - 69 degrees. Tealbee 1.5 TOG rating sleep sacks are double layered with thicker filling to keep your little one warm for the colder season. Shop our 1.5 TOG Collection here.