Quick Mama Self Care Tips

When you are juggling a career, caring for little ones, looking after your family in general, cooking dinner, trying to find your baby’s stuffed animal and doing EVERYTHING else us mamas do — sometimes it's really hard to put yourself first.

Quick Self Care Tips For Mama

We know first-hand how difficult— but how essential it is — to take time for yourself. Below are some self-care tips that you can do to take for mommy time. Some are more time consuming but are SOOOO worth it, others are easy peasy and fun to fit into even the craziest routines. Afterall you should enjoy your motherhood! Taking a break from a constant crazy working mom schedule

We got you!

When You Carve Out Time for Yourself:

Take a Nap

This seems like a no-brainer but it’s not just babies and toddlers who need a reset. Try making nap time a group effort, giving you the perfect opportunity to take a nap when they nap.


Turn on some nature sounds or find a guided meditation, lay back, and close your eyes (5-10 minutes to start). Mindfulness for moms opens a gateway of clearing the stress you have, during those mommy needs a break moments. Clearing your mind is the greatest way to ensure you create a space for yourself and create balance. If you think you are the type of person who thinks non-stop and has a hard time meditating — keep working at it — it will come to you! This is even a great activity to practice with your kids! 

Talk with a Friend/ Connect with People You Love

Even while social distancing has become the new norm for most due to COVID-19, Facetiming or having a zoom call with people who make you feel good is such a great way to feel connected. 

Go on a walk 

Go outside mama! In your neighborhood, by the beach or on a hiking trail...wherever you can!


Have a closet, shelf or drawer that is absolute chaos? Most of us do. Take time to clear it out and throw away or sell any unwanted items. Your space will feel so much more clear afterward. Also rearranging furniture, adding wall art or taking time to do a creative project for your abode can absolutely shift the energy in your space, while also giving it a fresh look and feel. 

Buy Something Cute (for yourself) 

No shopping for your kids allowed! Go on your favorite store website and buy that top you’ve been eyeing, or that super cute dress you see on the never-ending Instagram ads all the time.


Self Care for Moms On the Go:

Don’t forget Your Favorite Snack 

Sometimes we are so focused on feeding our little ones that we forget to bring ourselves anything when we are on the go. Keep a bag of your favorite snacks in the diaper bag or the car so you are never without.

Here’s a list of healthy snacks for mama’s on the go!

Listen to Music that Makes You Rock Out 

Have a favorite band or type of music that rocks your soul? Listening to your favorite song or artist will instantly boost your mood!

Take Deep Breaths 

Are you patiently waiting at that long, annoying stoplight at the corner? Take three deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth. Or try taking deep breaths for a minute. This will help improve your focus and release tension. It’s a great way to reset after a stressful day.

Drink Some H2O 

Drinking water is not only good for your skin, but it fights fatigue, protects your muscles and helps with all the body aches and pains (from lifting/ carrying our babes all the time)

Being a mom always has its tough moments — and especially now during a pandemic, those tough times can often be exasperated. It's so important to show up for yourself and take the time you need to recharge and reset. Because when we are feeling good, we are able to show up for ourselves and our loved ones.