The BEST 15 Gifts for a New Baby

By: Alexandra Axelrod

Even though baby showers might look a little different these days — drive thru and virtual baby showers — it’s always good to know the best products for babies and stuff mamas will definitely love. We made a list of some great items to give at a baby shower or even to a mama who just had a little one.

For Those Tough Stains:

Noodle & Boo Stain Remover Spray:  This spray works miracles and is worth every penny. So many soiled and dirty baby clothes have been saved from the trash because of this spray. Not only does this work great on delicate baby clothes, but truthfully — it works wonders on adult clothes and linens as well.

For Those Cool Nights: 

Tealbee LoveMilk Dreamsuit: Of course, we had to put one of our own items in this list! The dreamsuit is great for littles especially as they are learning to walk and get more active, so they can sleep safely. Babes will stay cozy and warm in this dreamsuit. It also comes in great prints including checkered, croissant and brushed.

For Those Hungry Bellies: 

EzPz Mats: When you’re at home or out to eat, the EzPz mats create the perfect set up for your little one. The easy-to-wash silicone bowls and plates stick to almost every surface. These mats can be found at most big and specialty retailers and come in a variety of colors and sizes (infant, toddler and kid). EzPz also carries cups and utensils!

For Those Messy Eaters and Droolers: 

Much like the playmats, silicone bibs are great for catching all of the nutritious food that hits the mouth and then they spit right out. Don't like the feel of the silicon, or need something that baby can wear throughout the day? Tealbee has super cute organic cotton bandana bibs that work great and wash easy!

For ALL Those Dishes: 

The Boon Lawn Drying Rack is a great addition to the kitchen because (the large size) it holds a lot of bottle parts and comes with accessories — it is also SUPER easy to clean. This drying rack comes in green, gray and clear/white, 

For Taking Care of Baby: 

FridaBaby: When it’s time to clip those little finger nails or try to suck...yep...suck excess mucus from baby’s nose, definitely try out this care kit from FridaBaby. This power pack basically has everything for the first few months, and beyond. What’s more? FridaMOM has a postpartum recovery kit that’s pretty cool too!

To Keep them Covered:

Milksnob: Your little one will be safe from the sun and your car seat will be styling. Milksnob offers super cute prints, and the best part is that it can function as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover or an infinity scarf for mama. 

To Keep the Milk Warm:

The Baby Brezza bottle warmer is a great item not only because of its sleek design, but it is light weight and is very easy to use. The basket inside the warmer fits all types bottles and has an auto-shut off mechanism to avoid overheating. The warmer also offers a quick warm or slow warm option which is great depending on how you want the milk temperature.

For the Dirty Diapers:

  1. So we know there are many great diaper pails out there to choose from, but the Dekor Hands-free Classic Diaper pail makes this list because the company offers biodegradable diaper pail liners in addition to the regular ones — which is pretty cool if you are eco-conscious.  

To Keep The Hands Clean:

So this one sounds a little odd to gift someone, but now, more than ever, it's important to keep everyone's clean when handling a new baby. Hand Sanitizer, is great to throw in as a small gift because mama and dad can use it quickly if they are not within reach of the soap and water. It comes in handy on the go or at home.

For Those Curious Minds:

Naturally as your baby grows they will develop their own interests and learn different skills at their own pace, but we figured we'd let you know about a couple of toy subscription boxes that help develop skills appropriate to their age group:

- Loveevery (stage-based play)

- HopiBox (Heirloom Quality Toy)

For those Little Loungers:

The Boppy lounger or the Dock-A-Tot make great gifts because the littles can just chill on them if mama or dad have to set them down for a minute. They both come in a variety of colors and are very durable.

For The Ones Who Cuddle Close:

You have all heard of the ERGO Baby and other baby carriers like them. These are great because they allow mama or dad to be hands-free and do multiple things at once — all while keeping the little ones close. If you are not into all of the straps and snaps that the Ergo has, definitely try out a WildBird ring sling. These baby carriers hold a good amount of weight and can grow with your child. What’s more? They come in super pretty patterns and prints. 

To Keep a Watchful Eye:

A baby monitor is a great gift idea for parents — they last forever and can be used in babyhood well into toddlerhood. While there is not a specific brand we can recommend — there are a lot of great options out there. 

For the Mamas:

LAST BUT NOT LEAST mamas who are expecting need to feel pampered too. There are so many things a new mama could use but gift cards for a restaurant/food delivery are a really good way to go — who has time to cook when you are constantly changing diapers and rocking a newborn to sleep? Comfy slippers, lounge clothes, or travel size beauty products for their hospital kit are always nice presents to give as well.