Why You Need to Transition to Sleep Sacks

It’s two in the morning, and your toddler is up - again! At eight o’clock, you checked the temperature in your house; is he/she too cold? You wonder… you’ve been keeping an eye on the monitor, wondering if you should ignore recommendations and throw in a blankie. This is definitely not anyone’s idea of a fun night. So what’s the answer? Thankfully there are toddler sleepsacks with legs that take away the too hot/ too cold guessing game. 

A Comfortable Toddler is a Happy One

One of the most difficult things to judge as a parent is how much to bundle up your bundle of joy in different room conditions. Since toddlers are far less adept at regulating their own body temperature than we are, they usually require an additional layer of warmth than you would want for yourself. Obviously, all toddlers are different and have specific preferences, but this rule works for the majority of them. And since, blankets in the crib are a major no-no, you should consider a wearable blanket for toddlers.  

Sweet Dreams

Unfortunately, toddlers are also extremely particular about their sleep environments. Few like to sleep in a wet diaper, and fewer still like to be on the chilly side while they dream sweet dreams of colors and familiar faces. Since their only method of effective communication (at least till about 18 months) is crying, your toddler is definitely going to complain until you make things right as rain in their bedroom. Generally speaking, a cozy, fed, and dry baby will sleep quite happily until they wake naturally. 

Benefits of Toddler Sleepsacks with Feet

Some parents opt to simply dress their children in temperature-appropriate clothing for sleep, but many babies can find this too constricting and prefer the weight and drape of a wearable blanket for toddlers around their bodies. These toddlers will likely take extremely well to a sleepsack with feet - a zip-up blanket that is baggy and blanket-like without being a danger to them. Here at Tealbee, we offer multiple TOG rating toddler sleepsacks with legs  so that you can pick the right layer for the sleep environment du jour! Simply check the temperature of the toddler's room, refer to our chart on our TOG blog post, dress, and zip for success!

Blankets Vs. Toddler Sleepsacks

Receiving blankets are all the rage with new parents, but they often find within several months that blankets simply do not stay on babies. Babies are little Houdinis and seem to wriggle their ways out of even the snuggest of swaddles! According to the AAP’s recommendations regarding safe sleep and the avoidance of SIDS, babies and infants should not have loose blankets in their crib. So, then, the footed sleepsack is a great alternative as a wearable blanket for toddlers.

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When to Transition to a Toddler Sleepsack with Legs

Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to keep some babies swaddled properly, even with giant stretchy blankets. If your little ninja is regularly busting out of even the tightest swaddle it’s time to look into a footed sleepsack. Sleepsacks with feet are designed specifically to stay on your Houdini, all while keeping them snuggly warm. Some sleepsacks are like a sleeping bag, without holes for baby’s feet. Traditional sleepsacks are great until they become more active - start to crawl, scoot, stand up, and walk around, at which point, a toddler sleepsack with feet is recommended for their safety. 

If your baby seems to struggle with sleeping at night, make sure that the temperature isn’t the culprit. Try out our super cute, super soft sleepsacks. If you have questions, you can refer to our FAQ or get in touch with our team. From all of us at Tealbee, we wish you and your child a cozy sleep!