Choosing Your Sleepwear - TOG Rating

How do you choose the right sleepwear for your baby? We created the chart below to make it easy for you to choose the right warmth of sleepwear for your baby.

Keep in mind that it is recommended that nursery room temperature be between 68 - 72°F (20-22°C), and a baby sleeping bag surrounds the baby, providing insulation from both below and above, and also a warm pocket of air around the baby, making it warmer than a blanket with the same TOG rating (normally the reason why blankets have higher TOG rating).

To learn more about TOG rating, please see here on further TOG guidance. All our sleeping bags are independently tested for TOG rating. 
Tealbee TOG Guideline
Here's also how some of the popular sleeping bags in the market compare to Tealbee's sleeping bag TOG rating.
TOG Guideline Other