TOG Guide

TOG Rating Tealbee Dreamsuit

What You Need To Know Before Selecting The Tog Rating

It is recommended that nursery room temperature be between68 - 72°F (20-22°C).

Our products are ideal for nursery room temperatures in this range.

A baby sleeping bag surrounds the baby, providing insulation from both below and above, and also a warm pocket of air around the baby, making it warmer than a blanket with the same TOG rating.

Overheatingis a risk of SIDS so dressing your baby appropriately based on room temperature is critical for safe sleep.

All our sleeping bags are independently tested by a third party for its accurate TOG rating.

What Makes Tealbee So Special?


We only use fabrics that are BREATHABLE - bamboo/cotton mix fabric help regulate moisture and temperature preventing overheating and sweating


Because we like to sleep in soft buttery fabric, we knew baby would too. Bamboo/cotton mix fabric will not make you  want to take off!


Because your baby is wearing these blankets and anything 'bulky' may not make your baby comfortable, we quilted our fabric to make it thin making our product less bulky while providing warmth


Replace loose blankets in your baby's crib to make it safe. No more tripping over a traditional sleeping bag! (Wear over a tight fitting sleepwear)