Baby Wearing Tealbee DREAMSIE Checkered- 0.8 TOG Sleep sack with sleeves and footies. Baby Wearing Tealbee DREAMSIE Sunshine 1.2 TOG Sleep sack with sleeves and footies. Available from 12m to 4T.
TEALBEE DREAMSIE - Buttery soft bamboo & cotton fabric for extra coziness, 0.8 TOG 3rd party tested warmth (67 - 75 F), Footies to keep toes warm, Superior thermo control keeping baby warm when cold, cool when hot.
Tealbee Dreamsie Checkered Zipper covering for safety, Machine washable, Zip up for easy on and off, lightly padded quilted fabric for warmth and comfort..
Baby wearing Sleep Sack Tealbee Dreamsie Checkered 0.8 TOG available from sizes 12m - 4T
Two toddlers wearing Tealbee Dreamsie and Tealbee Dreamsuit in different design
Close up photo of Toddler wearing Tealbee Dreamsie Checkered
Top view of baby wearing Tealbee Dreamsie Checkered
Full view of Toddler wearing Tealbee Dreamsie Checkered
Tealbee Dreamsie with sleeves and footies, sizes available 12m to 4T - product flatlay view showing two designs (Croissant and Checkered)
Dreamsie Size Chart. 12M to 2T Child's height 31 to 36 inches Length 31 inches. 2T to 3T Child's height 34 to 38 inches Length 35 inches. 3T to 4T Child's height 36 to 45 inches Length 39 inches. Select based on child's height.
How to care for your Tealbee products. One: Wash in cold or luke warm water. Two: Wash in Delicate Cycle. Three: Dry in low heat. Four: some products shrink naturally. All of our products are pre-washed and designed to allow up to 5% to 7% shrinkage.

We love this suit and the gripes on the bottom of the feet. I love that when I get my toddler up I don’t have to immediately get him dressed but he’s still warm plus he sleep far better at night wearing this than in just fleece pajamas as I had him prior! Worth every penny!

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Dreamsie | Checkered | 0.8 TOG

For Blanket Kickers & Standing, Scooting, Walking Babies. No more cold nights and tripping over traditional sleeping bags!

Softest natural fabric, gentle on baby's skin

Safe for walkers

Perfect body temperature with sleeves and footies

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Tealbee Dreamsuit Dreamsie Dreambag


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Toddler sleep sack with feet. A unique sleep bag with legs designed for active babies and toddlers, early walkers who trip and fall in their traditional sacks, and blanket kickers who wake up from the cold at night. 

  • Premium Bamboo and Organic Cotton Fabric. Buttery soft to the touch, breathable and hypoallergenic. Premium bamboo cotton blend fabric regulates temperature and wicks moisture better than 100% cotton, muslin, microfleece, or fleece. If you could live in your coziest, softest blanket 24/7, this would be it. Seriously, we get asked all the time if we can make grown-up versions.
  • Perfect Warmth. TOG 0.8 is suitable for spring, summer, warmer nurseries between 67 - 75 degrees and those in a warm climate. Layer Dreambag with regular pajamas of your choice to create an ideal sleep environment. See our TOG guide for more info.
  • High Quality. We take quality super seriously because we created Dreamsuit for our own children. Our products are 3rd-party tested for CPSIA compliance and safety. We don't just slap on a TOG rating and cross our fingers -- our TOG is lab-tested and accurate. 
  • Created with ❤ in the US 
  • 70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton, quilted with polyester padding 
  • Size Chart is here. Since every child is different, measure the height for the best fit. 
  • 12m-2T: Best for 31-36 inches in height
  • 2T-3T: Best for 34 -38 inches in height 
  • 3T-4T: Best for 36-45 inches in height 
  • Loose and roomy by design for walking, moving, and kicking, Dreamsuit should not fit as snugly as pajamas. Choose a size based on height rather than age. When in between sizes, we recommend sizing up for room and growth. 
  • Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Like colors 
  • Tumble Dry, Low Heat, Gentle Cycle
  • Do Not Iron, Bleach or Dryclean
  • To prevent pilling, wash in a garment bag (ideal), away from rough-textured fabrics, and open zippers 

Dreamsuit will shrink 5-6% on your first wash (always in the Cold cycle). Don't worry, it's perfectly normal for the natural bamboo-based fabric to shrink, and measurements account for this.

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NOTE: Delivery to Alaska and Hawaii may be delayed.

Choose based on temperature, breathable fabric, multi-layer warmth, buttery soft bamboo-cotton fabric, quilted for comfort, safe in the crib Choose based on temperature, breathable fabric, multi-layer warmth, buttery soft bamboo-cotton fabric, quilted for comfort, safe in the crib
0.8 TOG See More
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1.5 TOG See More


TOG measures how well fabric retains heat so it tells you how warm the sleep sack will be for your baby. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleep sack. Here is a handy TOG guide for more info. 

Recommended TOG depends on (1) nursery temperature and (2) how hot your baby tends to sleep. 

- TOG 0.8 is suitable for spring / summer and warmer nurseries between 67 - 75 degrees. Also suitable for hot sleepers. 

- TOG 1.2 is suitable for most nurseries between 64 - 72 degrees and offers versatile four-season warmth. It’s our bread-and-butter TOG. 

- TOG 1.5 is suitable for fall / winter, and cooler nurseries between 61 - 69 degrees. Also suitable for cold sleepers. 

Tealbee’s TOG is lab-tested and accurate (many other brands can’t say the same!).

While Tealbee sizes go by age, choose based on height. If your baby is in between sizes,choose a size up so that there’s room to grow. 

And remember, this is a sleep sack - fit should be loose and roomy (think 90s baggy jeans…) over a snug onesie or pj’s.

Very simple policy. Return for any reason within 30 days and we give you a prepaid return label. You have nothing to lose but a good night’s sleep. 

We do love feedback so we might follow up so we can continuously, obsessively improve our design and quality.

Treat Tealbee products like your coziest wool sweaters. 

Wash in cold or warm water in a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Never in hot water or hot dryer. For absolute best care, wash in a delicates wash bag and line dry. 

We only use natural bamboo and cotton fabric, never synthetic. Although we use pre-washed fabric to minimize shrinkage, we design all our products with 5% shrinkage in mind after a wash. Just like wool, it might pill (tiny balls that gather on the surface), but it has no impact on warmth or comfort of the sleep sack. It just gets cozier over time.

Dreambag is a traditional sleep sack that is safe to use around 6 months when your baby starts to transition out of a swaddle. Dreambag has a versatile design and will fit your baby up to 24 months so you don’t have to buy another sleep sack. 

Dreamsuit and Dreamsie can be used when your baby starts to stand/walk in the crib. Typically, this is around 12 months. Tealbee’s unique designs with legs ensure that your baby doesn’t trip in a traditional sleep sack and hurt themselves. 

Whatever the baby’s age or blanket preference, Tealbee has a solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Julius Anderson

Love love love it

so cute and comfortable

I love putting my grandaughter in them when she spends the night here

Gabrielle P.

This sleep sack is amazing for young toddlers. I had a rough time finding a sleep sack for a toddler until I stumbled across tealbee’s website.
This sleep sack is super soft and I know my son will be warm all night. I don’t need to worry about checking on him to be sure he didn’t kick his covers off of himself. I love that it has feet so he can move around freely and stretch out in his crib. The addition of sleeves also gives me piece of mind that he will be warm.
Most sleep sacks I looked at didn’t have sleeves and I just love that he has that added layer of warmth at night.
This sleep sack is amazing! I recommend it to all of my friends with young children.

Kelsey S.

We love this suit and the gripes on the bottom of the feet. I love that when I get my toddler up I don’t have to immediately get him dressed but he’s still warm plus he sleep far better at night wearing this than in just fleece pajamas as I had him prior! Worth every penny!

Suzanne C.

Best sleep sack I have found!!!

Laura R.

This product is amazing! It was exactly what I was looking for, my daughter looks so cute ☺️


Because this suit is so perfect, I bought 2 more for my nephews to match my child so they could all run around in their space suits together. Now that they've outgrown the 12-18 month sizes, I just purchased 2 more in 2T-3T for a recent visit and will be getting one more soon as well for the youngest of the OG cousin crew! I originally bought bc my child was not allowed to have a blanket at daycare, but it was so cold she couldn't nap, she couldn't have certain warmer crib sheets, and I couldn't have her in long sleeves all day in the summer heat. My husband's coworker recommended Tealbee, and it's been dreamy ever since.
The material has a soft hand, the quilting keeps the padding from bunching in there wash. I wash regular cycle, low heat dryer on all my baby clothes, and the 12+ month size has held up well for a year now. My now 4 month old is now using it (85th percentile height/ weight). No pilling, no fraying, no bunching. The tighter cuffing on the ankles helps keep baby warm with no circulation problems. The 2T-3T size is nice and baggy on my 2 year old (50th percentile weight/ height) so I look forward to using it until next year! .Please make an adult size!!

Sarah S.

We have a (very small) 21 month old who is wearing the 12month - 2T size. It's got plenty of room for her to wear it for a long time, probably until she's at least 3. She loves it - it's very soft and lightweight so it keeps her warm and cozy in warmer weather but still seems to breathe well. She wears it over PJs. It truly is a wearable blanket, which is exactly what we were looking for. After ordering the first one and being so happy with it, we ordered 2 more identical so we have back-ups.

Customer Anonymous

Got mine in the mail today and it was so perfect for what I needed. Love the quality and the fabric material. And love the grippers on the bottom so she can walk around before bed. This will be perfect for fall and winter or if you have the AC cranked up high in the summer. Really happy with this purchase.

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